Corporate Services

Are you a large parent corporation in need of a reliable Unclaimed Property Locator? Cityvest Financial offers outsourcing services to corporate clients in need of an expert team to assist in digging deep into government archives to identify and retrieve outstanding funds owed to large corporate entities.

Due to the numerous mergers and acquisitions of large corporation, identifying all potential unclaimed funds payable under the corporate umbrella can be a complex and resource intensive endeavor. By choosing to work with Cityvest, we can help by doing the following:

  • Compile the  list of merged and acquired entities throughout a major corporation's history.
  • Match records from our extensive unclaimed property database with those entities.
  • Reunite all unclaimed assets, large and small, of all the entities under the corporate umbrella with the parent corporation.

Retaining Cityvest's services allows the  corporation to free its internal resources from these burdensome tasks, allowing for greater focus on core business. Please contact us today to see how your company can leverage Cityvest's expertise in the retrieval of unclaimed property to streamline your business processes and reduce overhead.


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