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Cityvest Financial performs services for individuals as well as for fortune 500 companies.  To date we have recovered over $500,000,000 in unclaimed and abandoned property.

Your business operates essentially due to the various state laws that require all persons and business entities  to "es-cheat" unclaimed and abandoned property to state treasuries.  The state agencies then act as a custodian for these assets until they are claimed .  Unlike other recovery companies, we obtain data from both private and public companies that are holding unclaimed and abandoned property that has yet to be transferred to the individual state agencies.  This enables our company to by-pass the cumbersome process that the state agencies place on most claimants, especially when the dollar value of an item is significant. 

Our mission is to gather information regarding unclaimed and abandoned property being held by the various custodians whether they be private or public entities and then to identify the rightful owners.  Once we identify the rightful owner we provide both notification and/or recovery services for a claimant.  The procedure of claiming an asset and its eventual retrieval, if with a government custodian, can be a lengthy and tedious process.  Cityvest's expertise and knowledge can facilitate and expedite the retrieval process. 


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